efficient exchange

Simplified and automated storage
for professional workflow.

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Seamless electronic management of your data
is an important component in the success of your company.

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A Question of seconds

Don’t waste any of your valuable time for searching important information. Save your company’s resources with quick access through efficient search mechanisms as well as automatic archiving of scanned or digital documents. Win decisive competitive advantage for your company by accelerating internal processes that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Organization is everything

keytech offers you a functional company platform that creates structure and overcomes organizational limitations. The data management system developed by keytech is able to efficiently and permanently save and organize large quantities of data. Company-wide access to all data and the direct distribution of tasks to the relevant contact person enables effective work and eliminates data redundancies.

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Keep track

The DMS software manages and archives your process relevant email traffic and reacts to the demands of a modern company structure. Unmanageable and time-consuming mail boxes are a thing of the past. As an experienced DMS provider keytech helps you manage the daily flood of information and documents and to organize emails into various business areas. Transparency is guaranteed for all those involved.

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Individually simply better

Important data and documents must be processed and readily available to all departments within your company. There are however often differences with reference to structure, indexing and workflow between departments. keytech’s data management system is flexible and enables you to customize the software according to department and to avoid inconsistencies.


keytech PLM/DMS is supported by keytech Software GmbH on the following editions of Windows 10 - Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. keytech PLM/DMS is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch and Current Branch for Business.

DMS Advantages

Advantages for you and your company


  • Cost Savings: DMS saves time, material and personnel costs.
  • Customer Loyalty: Shorter processing times ensure higher customer satisfaction.
  • Digital Archive: Disposal of files and documents after digital capture.
  • Efficiency: Processes are accelerated and optimized.
  • Satisfaction: No frustration because of long searching.
  • Security: The use of keytech DMS enables a legally secure information management with defined workflows without loss of knowledge.
  • Transparency: Greater transparency and easy to find documents and processes.

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